Founded in 2002 in Westchester, New York, Stacey Gendelman Designs (“SGD”) is a provider of upscale interior design services for residential spaces. SGD focuses on creating seamless cross-collaborations between client, architect and designer, fostering each party as part of an intrinsic, creative process.  Most clients have a vision for the project but are not properly equipped to execute the desired result – “The goal of a designer is to listen, observe, understand, sympathize, and glean insights that enable him or her to make the invisible visible.”

Inspired by contemporary and transitional sensibilities, Stacey has successfully completed a broad range of projects throughout Westchester (NY), NYC, the Hamptons (NY), Greenwich (CT) and Palm Beach (FL). Most recently, she was featured on the December 2016 cover of Interiors magazine for a renovation on the Upper West Side of NYC.

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